Hattie Kelly was one funny lady. She was always one of those people who could help put a smile on your face with a funny joke, an interesting story or a wisecrack. She loved to play cards and board games. She even played dominoes, too. She was loved by many and known by all.

Hattie was married to John Kelly for 45 years, and they had four children - John, Pat, Jeff and Kathy. Later in life, Hattie worked in a hospital cafeteria as a lunch lady. She also was a stay-at-home mom taking care of her four children. She became a grandma of 7 grandchildren and even got to meet some of her great grandchildren before she passed away.

Hattie loved her family and certainly loved to shop, attend church and go on cruises and vacations to far away lands. She loved to tell stories and she always had a joke to tell. She was a competitive and fun-loving soul who is missed by her friends and especially her family.



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Grandma Kelley was awesome. She was always so much fun to have board game night with and to just hang out. She is missed.

Jeff Stone

January 20, 2014

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Grandma Kelly. That's how I remember her. While my grandma lived thousands of miles away in Ohio (and us in Texas), we always looked forward to seeing her (and my grandpa) every couple of years when we could all get together. While not perfect, my grandmother was always a hoot to have around. She showed us how to have a good time and never take yourself too seriously...that is unless you were playing cards or a game for money!

One story I love is how one night we were all playing the board game Clue together. Grandma really didn't understand how to play Clue and she consistently kept picking the same player, weapon and room over and over again. Sadly for me, the character she kept picking and dragging all over the board was my player piece, Miss Scarlet. After she asked me the same question for the third time, I loudly stated to her, "Would you stop eating that damn popcorn and pay attention!". Not my proudest moment, but certainly one that got a chuckle out of the group playing. However, what really got a roar from everyone was that about 10 minutes later, she looked at me very stern and said, "You cursed at me! You cursed at your grandmother!" Everyone busted out laughing.

Honestly, there are so many great stories to tell about the fun times we all had together. She always had a funny story or poop joke to tell at the table while we were eating dinner. Anything was fair game. I always appreciated the candor and honesty and her fun loving nature. Obviously grandchildren always see their grandparents in a different light than parents see their parents, however, it is true that during the time I knew her, she was someone who both meant a lot to me and made me happy to just be around. When you sit back and reflect on life, you realize that there really are just not that many people that you feel that happy to be around. I'm really glad I got to spend that time with her. Don't take life too serious. There is always a good poop joke to be found. :-)


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